We are a growing Community of Practice made up of independent facilitators, people with developmental disabilities, family members and others from across the province.  We are dedicated to the development and preservation of independent facilitation, which assists people to live everyday, ordinary lives as full citizens.

We come together in many ways to learn and grow in an atmosphere of respect, creativity and collaboration. We welcome people to join us to learn, connect with others, share their experience and resources and discover more about how to co-create a positive future where all belong.

Statement of Purpose

The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network (OIFN) is a provincial network of people who share a passion for Independent Facilitation.

We come together regularly as a community of practice to learn and grow, valuing our collective knowledge and competence. We are committed to Independent Facilitation to the value of inclusivity, and to helping people who are vulnerable live everyday ordinary lives as full citizens. This distinguishes us from other groups.

We are practitioners, people with developmental disabilities, family members and other supporters. We come together to share and gain knowledge and experience about what it takes to build inclusive communities through the use of independent facilitation and planning. We join together to co-create a positive future where all belong.


The work of the provincial Community of Practice (OIFN) is stewarded by a group of committed volunteers. With input from the broader network, the Stewards Group designs and organizes forums, fosters outreach to those interested in independent facilitation, shares information on learning opportunities and resources, and seeks support for the continued development of the network.

The Stewards Group roles and responsibilities are address in the OIFN Terms of Reference.

For more information on the membership of the Stewards Group, please see the OIFN Nominating Committee Process.

Current Stewards Group members:

  • Brian Tardif, Executive Director, Ottawa Citizen Advocacy, Ottawa.
  • Joanna Goode, Independent Facilitator and Director, Facilitation Wellington Dufferin.
  • Judith McGill, Independent Facilitator and Executive Director, Families for a Secure Future, Adult Educator and Director of LifePath Training.
  • Lynda Kahn, Independent Facilitator, Director of Development, Inclusion Press International
  • Marlyn Shervill, Independent Facilitator and Executive Director, Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports
  • Susannah Joyce, Independent Facilitator, Director, Realizations Training & Resources
  • Mary Jelinic, former Program Supervisor, Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • Ashley White, Special Program Trainer, Expert Advisor, Self-advocate