Our work within OIFN involves providing ongoing support to independent facilitation and planning by strengthening self advocacy and autonomous family voices, offering mentoring, and education for independent facilitators in their local practice, through regional networks, and through the provincial community of practice. OIFN also extends a broader reach to partnering agencies, in everyday opportunities in community, and across sectors/ministries through community development and capacity building work.

We work collaboratively with several emerging and existing independent facilitation organizations across the province on creating a common agenda and shared measurement practices, which require continuous communication and adjustment. All of the organizations that are part of a broader collaborative are committed to the community of practice model for collective learning, reflection and evaluation.

The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network offers numerous pathways for furthering the “craft” of Independent Facilitation provincially by:

  • Creating a shared learning agenda among and between the diverse participants within the provincial community of practice.
  • Providing a reflective place to deepen our practice and learn collaboratively.
  • Valuing shared learning, mentoring and the building of strong relationships as a key strategy for community development, personal and professional development and capacity building.
  • Being a place for us to hold on to our vision of inclusion and strongly grounded values and principles.
  • Upholding human rights and the civic responsibility that we all share as Canadian citizens.
  • Endeavoring to assist each other to operate with integrity and ethical conduct.
  • Developing and maintaining clarity about the roles and responsibilities of independent facilitators.
  • Sharing of resources and strategies.
  • Recognizing the value in our diversity and differences.
  • Organizing communities of practice locally and regionally.
  • Providing tangible and relevant opportunities for networking, for both newer and seasoned independent facilitation and planning leaders