We are collecting articles about the change that we seek, and the ways that we can create it. You can download these articles by clicking on the title link.

Common Threads Reflections 2014

Reflections by John O’Brien
with contributions of presenters at the Common Threads Conference 2014

The Common Threads Conference 2014 composed portraits of person-centered work. Everyone who attended had the chance to expand their understanding by refections on the hopes and meanings attached to doing the work.

Families and Planning

by Susannah Joyce

A guide for family members, friends and trusted allies, who want to support the person they care about in planning for their life.

Planning Together For Self Advocates

by Susannah Joyce

A plain language guide for self-advocates who are thinking about planning for their life and support.

We Have Human Rights

A human rights handbook for people with developmental disabilities from the Harvard Project on Disability

Finding A Way Toward Everyday Lives (1992)

by: John O’Brien and Herb Lovett

This publication thoughtfully describes the foundation of person-centered planning and its potential for creating a better future for people and for influencing change. It also addresses controversies and fears associated with this new approach.