Ontario Independent Facilitation Network

Facilitating CHANGE ... CUSTOMIZING Support

Ontario Independent Facilitation Network is committed to facilitating CHANGE and CUSTOMIZING SUPPORT in the lives of people with developmental disabilities, and their families.

We are a growing Community of Practice. We imagine people with developmental disabilities directing their own lives. We work to make it possible for people to live as valued community members and citizens.

Our Network includes people with developmental disabilities, family members, Independent Facilitators, and other allies interested in creating new ways for people to be supported. We come together regularly to learn and grow. We value the collective knowledge that can only come from our diverse experiences.

We are dedicated to the development of Independent Facilitation as an ongoing relationship designed to assist people with developmental disabilities in creating the life they imagine with the customized support that they need.

Featured Event

Common Threads Conference: Changing Stories...Stories Of Change

Common Threads Conference

 November 16-17, 2016

 Holiday Inn
Toronto International Airport Conference Centre

Come gather with other people interested in facilitating CHANGE and CUSTOMIZING support in the lives of people with developmental disabilities, and their families.

Living with Disability:
What Unlocked Your World?

This CBC Ontario Today episode showcases prodigy jazz pianist Matt Savage, who could not stand music as a toddler.

Because of this autism, Matt spent a lot of time in his room.Therapy and music unlocked his world…What unlocked yours?

Featured Story

Living with Disability

Featured Video

Independent Facilitation is a relationship that can facilitate change, and customize support, for people with developmental disabilities and their families. This video features Marlyn Shervill, Brian Tardif, John Lord, David Devidi, and Judith McGill as they explore what makes it possible to offer this kind of support to people with developmental disabilities and their families in communities across Ontario.